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    Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door Tistaert Bericht weergeven
    Toevallig teruggevonden bij mijn onderzoek naar de velodroom van Zottegem: dameswestrijden op de velodroom op 22 augustus 1911.

    (bron weekblad De Beiaard)

    Marc H.
    Hallo Marc, de afbeelding kan ik niet meer vinden.


      Van Gherardo Bonini ontving ik 17 jaar geleden (wat vliegt de tijd) het volgende mailtje.


      [historycycle] Women performances 1900-1902
      Tue, 14 Sep 1999 17:06:55 +0000
      "Gherardo Bonini" <bonini@iue.it>
      "Dahn Shaulis, Ph.D." <dahn@pioneer.nevada.edu>
      historycycle@onelist.com, SPORTHIST@PDOMAIN.UWINDSOR.CA,
      aldocapp@iol.it, p.los@kma.nl, rfreccer@tin.it, pier.renna@rtmol.it,
      kuhn@hrz.dshs-koeln.de, danmar@ipruniv.cce.unipr.it

      From: "Gherardo Bonini" <bonini@iue.it>

      Dear friends,
      in order to modestily contribute to the researches of Dahn Shaulis on
      women cycling, swimming and running of the past century, I did a
      little screening on "New York Clipper" (march 1899-february 1903).
      I think it should be shared by some of us of other lists, isn't it ?
      Yours friendly
      Gherardo Bonini

      Survey on reels starting from March 1899 to March 1904
      (REMIND : On 18 March 1903, NYC ceased its sporting articles)

      Margaret Gast, who started at 6 o'clock p.m. June 12, in an attempt to
      ride ten centuries in quicker time than was ever previously made by a
      woman, over the regular Valley Stream course of the Century Club,
      completed her task at 11.23 a.m., on Sunday 17, and at the close of
      the one thousand miles' ride she looked remarkably well. She rode the
      distance in 113 hours 37 minutes. The best previous ride by a woman
      was an eight century one, by Mrs. Jane Lindsay, accomplished in 91
      hours 48 minutes. Miss Gast finished her eight century in 6 hours 23
      minutes less time than Mrs. Lindsay and was ahead of the latter at the
      end of every century, after the second. Miss Gast is 5 feet 2 1/2
      inches in height, and at the start weighed 122 1/2 lb. Her lowest
      weight during the ride was 120 lb. At the end of 250 miles and when
      weighed at the conclusion of 950 miles she scaled 125 1/2 lb. Miss
      Gast's diet during the journey was chiefly of a vegetable character,
      ans she drank beer, wine or ale every day. [NYC, 23 June 1900, p. 361]

      Mrs. Jane Lindsay competed at an early hour on Monday morning, July
      23, her self imposed task of surpassing anything previously
      accomplished by a female cyclist. At 6 a.m. on July 16 she started at
      Valley Stream, Long Island, in an attempt to ride one thousand miles
      in "continuous century" style over the surveyed course of the Century
      Road Club, her aim being to beat the record for ten centuries
      accomplished by Margaret Gast a short time previously. Persevering in
      all kinds of weather, often very unpleasant, she finished her task at
      11.58 a.m. 20 July. Her total time for the ride was 101 hours, 58
      minutes, thus beating Miss Gast's record, which was 113 hours 23
      minutes. She had eclipsed the time made by Miss Gast for every one
      hundred miles during the ride. This performance failed to quite
      satisfy her, however, and, though very weary, at 6 p.m., she resumed
      her wheel with the announced intention of riding five centuries more.
      This, too, she accomplished, although at the cost of many hours of
      needed rest and the endurance of many aches and pains which she might
      have avoided by not permitting ambition to run rough shod over good
      sense. She finished the additional five hundred miles at 2.40 a.m. 23
      July, the total time consumed since the start being 164 hours 40
      minutes, out of which she rested 45 hours 52 minutes, including but 13
      hours 52 minutes devoted to sleep. Her stated weight at the time of
      commencing her task was 113 lb., and at the termination thereof it was
      announced to be 108 ln. [NYC, 11 August 1900, p. 529]

      May Behr, aged sixteen years, and Florence West, aged twelve years,
      are said to have swum the Narrows, from Fort Hamilton, L.L. to Staten
      Island, September 16, in 1 hour 10 minutes. [NYC, 6 October 1900, p.

      Margaret Gast was the winner of a twenty four hours bicycle race, the
      competition riding two hours each afternoon and the same each evening,
      that took place at the Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn, November 19-24.
      The final score was as follows : Miss Gast, 475 miles 6 laps ; Miss
      Brandon, 475 miles 5 laps; Jane Lindsay, 469 miles 5 laps ; Miss
      Davis, 464 miles 8 laps ; Mrs. Bayne, 338 miles 15 laps ; Miss
      Pethard, 378 miles. The racing was done on a board track, and the
      attendance throughout the week was fairly good. [NYC, 15 December
      1900, p. 932]

      Miss M. Harwood, the well known lady rider, on October 19 in a trial
      at the Putney, England track, paced by tandems, beat her own best on
      record for one hour, by a lady, riding 24 miles, 780 yards. [NYC, 9
      November 1901, p. 805]

      Lottie Brandon, in an hour's ride, paced by single motor cycles, at
      the Manhattan Beach track, July 20, rode 31 1/2 miles. [NYC, 26 July
      1902, p. 475]

      Lottie Brandon, the female long distance rider, on July 28, at the
      Vailsburg, N.J. track, paced by a motor cycle, gave an exhibition one
      hour ride, and was credited with covering 33 miles, 715 yards. [NYC, 9
      August 1902, p. 516]

      Maggie Foster, a well known English lady cyclist with a penchant for
      road riding, on August 22 essayed to create new figures for riding one
      hundred miles by a woman, and was successful, completing the distance
      in the exceptional time of 5 hours, 34 minutes and 30 seconds, the
      half distance being ridden in 2 hours 36 minutes and 50 seconds. This
      now constitutes the fastest one one hundred mile time on the road by a
      woman, the best previous record having been 6 hours 29 minutes by Mrs.
      Grace. [NYC, 20 September 1902, p. 654]

      Mrs. Bell, of Bradford, who had previously distinguished herself by
      endurance feats on the wheel, on August 24 made an attempt to beat the
      existing women's road record for twelve hours, 182 and 1/4 miles,
      which stood to the credit of Miss Bower. Starting and finishing near
      Knuresbridge, England, during the twelve hours she placed 191 miles to
      the credit, the first century being done in 6 hours and 7 minutes.
      [NYC, 20 September 1902, p. 654]

      Rosa Symons, one of England's lady distance riders, recently
      accomplished a marvelous ride of 1860 miles, over roads, in 18 days,
      23 hours, 29 minutes. She started from the Marble Arch, London, and
      rode to John o'Greats Lands End, and return, the start being made on
      August 24. [NYC, 27 September 1902, p. 679]

      Maggie Foster, holder of the chief ladies road records in England,
      made a successful onslaught upon Mrs. Andrews' flying start mile of
      2:17 3/5 at the Herne Hill track in London, covering the distance in
      2:12. She was paced by a tandem. [NYC, 18 October 1902, p. 751]

      Maggie Foster, the celebrated lady record breaker, on October 24 made
      an effort to beat the hour record for a woman at the Crystal Palace
      track, London, England and was successful, covering a distance of 30
      miles 1690 yards, besides lowering all figures for a lady ride from
      one mile to the finish. The first mile, standing start, was
      accomplished in 2:03 1/5 and the sixth was made in the flying start
      time of 1:54 4/5, while she reeled off 15 miles 953 yards in the half
      hour. [NYC, 22 November 1902, p. 871]


        Volgens Mechelen Mapt , zou in 1909 in Walem reeds een wedstrijd voor vrouwen op de piste gereden zijn.


          Ik ben onlangs op zoek gegaan naar een artikel over de 1e Belgische wegkoers van stad tot stad, verreden in oktober 1891 en las in dezelfde krant over vrouwenwedstrijden op de toenmalige velodroom van Longchamps aan het Terkamerenbos in Ukkel/Brussel.